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English introduction about Egypt Write Academy and its contest



Egypt Write Academy

Welcome to Egypt write literary Academy,

Egypt write is a an independent non-profit organization, which aims at increasing writing popularity among Egyptian youth, and all Egyptians in general, As Egypt have been always a great source and suitable world for creative writing, witnessed a great writers marked in the Egyptian history, like Nageeb Mahfouz, Salah Gahin, Anees Mansour and many other great icons that enriched literary history of Egypt.

( What Egypt Write ) contest is annual writing contest in all fields of writing, from short stories and poems to novels and plays and artciles, for all Egyptians Citizens from kids to youth, women and men, beginners or experienced,  which considered a great national and cultural project, In This Contest we make all our efforts to encourage writing fans all over Egypt to show their writing however its literary level, as we do not allow any copy or quotation from any written work or from the internet, to make a space for creativity and to make our Academy unique in its content and writers.

The contest prizes are both financial and literary, financial prizes total is 10000 E.P to first 3 winners of the contest, and this will increase every new year and new contest round by supporters donations.

The literay prize, which we consider more important and valued to any writer, is publishing of a book by the end of the year that include all nominees works over the 12 month of the contest, and of course the three winners works, in addition to a group of selected works of the academy to honor. and every one who have his work published will get a certificate of deposit in the name of Egypt Write Academy.

How to contribute:

Currently we not have a contest for English writing, but its in our plan for next year to announce a new brand contest in Egypt and worldwide for English writing, so you can wait to join, still, if you want to contribute in this event by advertising in this site you can go to Advertisement page to know how to support the charitable organization and else to advertise some site that may target Egyptian internet users, as long as this site follow the guidelines of advertisements in our site, and suites our noble aim of the organization.

Final way to contribute, if you have a website that have Egyptian users you can tell them about the event and the contest to get benefits of it and take the chance of enriching their writing experience and to win the contest prize, and when you do, you can contact us to write your name and website and our honor board of organization supporters finally we dream to make a historical and a great change in the importance of writing in our society, and we hope that dream will come true, one day.

with our love,

Egypt Write Academy



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Any copy or quotation, any use in commercial or artistic purposes by viewing or publishing for writing and literary content in this site is all banned, and will be subject to legality case, we do not allow any copy for materials from the internet to this site and vice versa.

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